Monday, January 6, 2020

Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet

What's in the fantasy NASCAR spreadsheet?

  • Practice - short, long, averages, lap by lap
  • John Henry Projections (My personal projections for me made by my mind, not a computer. I am not selling projections, but you can use these how you see fit)
  • Optimizer
  • Mass Entry Lineup Builder
  • My Notes (click here - excerpt sample)
  • Historical Data
  • Past Optimal Lineups
  • etc.

Season Package

  • $230 (cheaper than last year)
  • That's 94 races
    • If priced $4 a sheet ...$376
    • If $3 a sheet ...$282
      • 230/94 do the math. It's pretty fair

February: 7 races ...$20 

  • Daytona (2/9)
    • Cup (clash)
  • Daytona (2/14-16)
    • Cup, Xfinity, & Trucks
  • Las Vegas (2/21-23)
    • Cup, Xfinity, & Trucks

Just send the appropriate amount of money to:
  • PayPal:
  • Venmo: @race4theprize
    • Important - In the payment note section:
      • include your gmail address
      • include the package you are purchasing (e.g. February)
        • you can also send this info in a separate email to

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet Device

The Amazon Fire HD Tablet 8 is $49 and it works. You have to do a little bit of modification (download some APKs), but it's very simple. Check out the video below to free the tablet of Amazon restrictions and access the google play store.

Once you get the google play store, then you can download the google drive app and google sheets. You will not be able to run opensolver (optimizer), but the MME sheet runs a very similar operation.