Thursday, April 25, 2019

Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet - May Package

DFS Racing Sheets May

I am not doing individual races because I want to focus on the sheets. When I do individual sales, then my focus turns to sheet access and business record keeping, not the racing data.

This month, I will offer monthly and weekly packages. You can still buy the Cup sheet on Sunday morning, but you will pay the weekend price.

May Package ($25):
  • 8 races (excluding all-star) at $5 per sheet is $40, but I will sell you the whole month (including what ever I throw together for the All-Star race) for $25.
Dover Package ($11)
  • Truck, Xfinity, & Cup
Kansas Package ($8)
  • Truck & Cup
All-Star/Truck Weekend ($4)
  • Truck, All-Star Open, and All-Star Race
Charlotte Package ($8)
  • Xfinity & Cup

Just send the appropriate amount of money to:

Talladega Access

I am sticking to my word, I will not sell individual sheets for April. However, if you did not buy the April package, but want the Talladega sheets, then I will budge a little.

If you buy the May package and add $10, then I will throw in the Dega sheets (or $5 if you only want one Dega sheet). This is not a deal because I do not want to short change the people that purchased the April package.

May Race Schedule (9 races)

  • Cup
    • Dover
    • Kansas
    • Open/All-Star
    • Charlotte
  • Xfinity
    • Dover
    • Charlotte
  • Trucks
    • Dover
    • Kansas
    • Charlotte

Friday, April 5, 2019

Fantasy NASCAR Spreadsheet - April Package

DFS Racing Sheets April

I do not need to take any time off, but streamlining the process will make my life easier. Therefore, I am going to take a month off from individual sales. No individual sales will be accepted at anytime this month. I am only selling the April package this week - $20 will buy you the 6 race sheets.

Make a one time payment, and I can add you one time. It's easy for us all.

If you're more into the individual sheet deal, then I am sorry. I might bring it back next month.

Just send me $20 for all of the sheets:

Important - In the payment note section:
  • include your gmail address
  • you can also send this info in a separate email to

MLB Sheet Update - free

I do this for my own DFS baseball enjoyment. If the sheet help you, then cool. If not, ignore it.