Tuesday, August 2, 2016

DFS Homer Picks 8.2.16

I've been outta the loop so I'm going to run with the same record I had the other day...21-20.

First up, take gander over at Chris Carter. Luis Perdomo might be the new Patrick Corbin....and Carter has homered in 2 of his last three games.  Seems like a mathematically this is a good pick...cause that's what this is all about right? Math

On deck. Joc Pederson.  He skinned the snakes for three homers in three games. Four in a row is hard to do but that might be a pretty good reason why you should take the risk. Pull the pin...sit on the grenade...you know you wanna

Finally take a look at the Tiger. White Sox game. Tiger more than the south siders, but there's a value pick in Adam Eaton.  For the cats, Miggy and James "Sit On" McCann.  McCann had his day off yesterday, so he should be good to go.  Price might be a great factor in this pick too....maybe... I guess...hell I don't know.  Sure...Yeah..He's cheap. Ramble over.

Hey...It's Tuesday but the weekend is coming up. Buy some Mike D's BBQ Sauce..cause I said so

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