Friday, December 1, 2017

Top Fantasy NASCAR Podcast ...NASCAR Podcast!

Forget about top ranked "Fantasy NASCAR Podcast." The Fantasy NASCAR podcast is close to being a top ranked "NASCAR Podcast." It's amazing, FanVice and this podcast have been around for just over a year. Several DFS NASCAR content providers had a huge head start on us, and we've passed them in popularity.

fantasy NASCAR podcastThis is a very proud moment for me. As you know, it's just me. I do it alone. I do not have employees, assistants, interns, or the benefit of a major SEO ranked website. I dedicate a ridiculous amount of time to researching, writing, and creating worthwhile NASCAR content. I am also brutally honest. This has hurt me in the "industry," but I believe that serving the people rather than the touts is the purpose of creating content. I have been proven right.

All of that being said, this would not be possible without YOU, thanks for listening. It would not be possible without FanVice. This underdog DFS site continues to defy the odds.

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